Sara Lanzi SS19 Collection

The mix of prints (mulberry, optical and
macro vichy) is the central theme,
surrounded by a palette of solid colors
Textured and rough cottons dialogue with
fluid viscose and airy muslin

The raffia skirts and the porcellain
earrings cast a glance to Afrika, to its
joyous and playful exuberance

All is interchengeable, a playground of masculine/feminine

manufacturing and fabrics made in italy



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Perugia-based designer Sara Lanzi launched her eponymous womenswear line in 2005.
Inspired by raw materials, Lanzi focuses on elevated basics with the expression of a recurring theme she describes as “tensed but feminine.”
In a classic, understated manner, decoration is turned into structure, dashes of color used as an accent, and the grain of fabric as embellishment.
If restraint becomes a creative tool, and subtraction an enriching element, yet the effect is always vibrating, soulful.
There is a crack in SL strictness, and that’s where life, and femininity, gets in.

After completing art studies, Sara trained in fashion by working for Carpe Diem 1+1=3 Company.
In 2005 she launched her eponymous brand and in 2007 she was awarded the first prize by Who’s On Next young talents scouting project, held by Vogue Italia and Altaroma.
She lives and works in Umbria, Italy.

The brand is distributed in about 50 selected shops all over the world.
Production is all located nearby, in Umbria: the relationship with the workshops being an essential part of the activity that wants to keep being deep-rooted in the area.
Every single stage of the enterprise is directly followed out, as a living creature needing for mother care.



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